Wednesday, 15 August 2007

So what have I been up to then?

Well, here's a first attempt to post some pictures. Here's a couple of images of my ceramic work:

Square bottle, earthenware. Handbuilt from clay slabs with press-moulded, impressed and modelled additions. Commercial glazes, fired at 1040 deg. Celsius that is, in case you were wondering.

Tall jug, earthenware. Handbuilt from clay slab and coil, pressed and modelled additions. Commercial glazes, fired at 1040 deg.

Here's my huge knitted random patchwork throw:

(don't ask how long it took...)

This started out as a "get back into knitting" project, and kind of grew organically from there...there's lots of different knit stitches in this and loads of different yarns. It's backed with a big piece of grey raw silk. I just need to crochet an edge on it and it's all finished. Thank God.

Final piccy for now. This WIP is a freeform crochet throw, all done in DK cottons. I'm using dishcloth cotton, Sirdar Luxury Cotton, Rowan Handknit and a few other odds and ends. No pattern as usual, just making it up as I go along. It's grown a bit since I took this - I learnt some new stitches!

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