Thursday, 16 August 2007

I'm going to write it all down here to remind me...

In an attempt to organise the chaos that is the idea-generating part of my mind, I'm going to try and capture all of the ideas that are floating around and get them into type. I'm also going to note down all of my works in progress. Hopefully this will:
1) give my brain a break
2) give me a kick up the backside to actually progress some of these ideas
3) Finish something off!

Okay, here we go. I've got to:

Finish my Sweetpea Shawl (from SnB HH)
Do the fiddly lining bit for my stash yarn handbag
Finish off the cotton throw (see below for a piccy)
Make a rug with all the I-cord that I've got lurking around, and I need to make some more as well, thank goodness for knitting mills!
Do something with all the random scrap yarn squares that I've crocheted - ooo, guess what, another afghan... :-)

I want to:
do a feather and fan shawl in scrap yarns.
make a rucksack, in pink yarns, probably in crochet but maybe knit. Not sure. Hmmm.
Knit myself a nice cosy scarf for the winter, maybe in Colinette Point Five or similar.
make the OH the teddy bear from one of the knitting magazines (I have had a senior moment and forgotten which magazine he's in. He's a very cute bear though, in Rowan Felted Tweed, and he's called Matthew.)
Make the tessellating fish blanket (pattern here) I'm probably going to use some of my own hand-dyed aran wool for this one.
make a ripple stitch knit blanket, I'm busy stashing yarn for this. Yummy Colinette Cadenza, Twilleys Freedom Spirit and Jaeger Matchmaker so far.
Sort out all my photographs, get them printed and then into a big file so I can actually find them for once. I have more photographs than is healthy. I'm the one photographing odd things like doors, gratings, a leaf on the pavement or rocks on the beach.

I need to get back into my drawing again, I've really fallen out with it recently as the work was getting too finicky and "tight", so I'm plotting a session of really loose sketching, probably with charcoal and ink, and perhaps watercolour and pencil too. I think I need to be working a bit bigger as well, tricky in a single bedroom "studio" shared with two computers, a large printer, a husband, more books than the local library, the hoover and all the household filing. We need to move house...

I've got a load of bisque pots to glaze, and pictures to take of the last glaze firing.

I'll also need to feed the husband, do the ironing and sort out the garden somewhere amongst this lot. Oh, and go to work as well.

I have too many things on this list...oh, the curse of an over-active mind. Well, there is only one way to eat an elephant, I guess. One lump or two?

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