Saturday, 18 August 2007


Ok, ok, I know I've not been here. I have been knitting. A facecloth. For Christmas. C'mon, admit it, you're impressed. Here we are in August, and not only have I planned some Christmas knitting, I've actually started it. Sometimes I amaze myself. Not only have I knitted a facecloth (lace, I'll have you know) but I have blocked it as well. And I've done all the washing AND all the ironing. And I scrubbed the kitchen floor and the recycling box.

I am a domestic goddess.

Here is a random picture of some of my work, just to prove I do other stuff that is not yarn or clay-related.

Graphics (I do not know why they have gone all over the place. They won't behave. So bite me.)


blog-blethers said...

I love your graphics - especially the top one! And impressed by your multi-talents ... feel like a one trick pony (needle) in comparison;)

Helen said...

Bless you! Nowt wrong with concentrating on one thing - it's probably a lot easier on the furniture... :-D