Wednesday, 19 September 2007


It be Talk Like A Pirate Day! So me hearties, in celebration of this grand day which is all for fine an' upstandin' charities, I've added a little box fer searchin' with at bottom of this page. It be fer the mighty buccanneers of the RNLI, who need every doubloon they can lay their hands on to help 'em pay fer their work savin' the poor souls who the Sea wishes to steal away. The Sea be a fickle wench, and has no mercy fer staunch seadogs or green landlubbers alike, always a-tryin' to send them to Davy Jones' Locker. These fine folk set out in all weathers, for no pay, not even a few pieces-of-eight, to rescue these poor souls who would otherwise most like be food fer the fishes. 'Tis not a job fer the lily-livered! They be havin' a website, and a shop full of booty, they've the fine guernseys every swashbucklin' pirate is needin' to keep 'em warm on the high seas, and charmin' gifts fer your little pirates, and even for scurvy landlubbers. If you be of a mind fer sending cards of kind greetin's to your relations, you can be gettin' them too. It be costing over 300,000 English doubloons every day to be runnin' this service, so every piece of eight is helpin'.

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