Sunday, 2 September 2007

September is upon us...

which means I've been busy doing this:

Yep, it's jam time again. We've gone a bit mad. There's about 20 jars in total of damson, plum and blackberry jams. All free fruit, the damsons from our neighbour's overhanging tree, the blackberries from the waste ground behind the DH's grandparents' place, and the plums from their back garden. Only expense was a few bags of sugar. Bargain. When we have a big house, one day (hopefully fairly soon) we will have a fruit garden. I want raspberries.

There's also last-minute wedding planning going on. The brother-in-law gets wed at the end of the month, DH is best man and I have no shoes. Oh hell.

With all that going on, crafting has been a little limited. However, the random knitting is coming on nicely:
There is now random crochet as well. Just simple filet mesh, but quite effective I feel. I want to try and have it done before we go on holiday, but I'm not too confident...I'll try. See how we go. I'm trying not to set myself too many targets at the moment, I only end up missing them due to other commitments, then beat myself up, so I'm giving myself a bit of a break. I still have assignments to do for my gardening course as well, which I'm way behind on. *sigh*

I thought I'd share a few pictures with you, to make up for lack of exciting crafty activity. Here's a gratuitous stash picture (yarn p0rn! Yay!)

And here's a shot of possibly the prettiest street with a yarn shop in England - Broad Street in Ludlow, Shropshire. The Wool Shop is right at the very end. De Greys Tea Shop is very nice too - good for post-stash enrichment recovery over a cup of tea and a sticky bun.

And this was flowering in the garden just a day or two ago - Passiflora caerulea (Passion flower) - isn't it fab?

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