Tuesday, 23 October 2007


I really really got to get myself a new job. My brains are turning into cheese, and now the printer is being a butthead and deciding that black is white. (Didn't Douglas Adams have something to say about this one?) *sigh* Anyway, 'nuff whining. I am Being Positive today, and hoping that the universe is in a generous mood.

We have finished objects! (but no pics yet, later I promise) The green shawl is done, but I think I might need to make it a bit bigger having worn it a couple of times. It's very cosy though, and quick to do. I just used half-trebles, and skipped a stitch at the beginning and end to decrease down to a point.

I've cast on two scarves, one in stocking stitch with a three-stitch garter border, for Uncle No. 1, and the second is a pointed-hem garter stitch scarf for Uncle No. 2. This one I'm carrying two strands of yarn, one is the same throughout and I'm changing the other to create stripes. Looks alright, I might do myself one as it's really quick. It'll drop like a bastard mind you, so I must remember not to make it too long!

This leaves me with one crochet scarf to make for DH's grandma (it was decided that the Curly Whirly was too pink and fluffy. MIL Has Spake Forth on this matter) - I've dug out some Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in a sort of dusty raspberry colour, and I'll be turning that into something resembling the One-Skein Scarf from the Happy Hooker, only not so long. I also have Grandad's scarf to do, and I scored some Click DK in Tarn, which is a gorgeous heathered grey, for this one. I also have to do something for the FIL, and two balls of James C. Brett's Ripple were procured for him, and them finally Mum's Mitts from the Pitts of Hell need to be done. I've swatched a little for these, and I've found I knit tightly with the Kimono Angora for some strange reason. I'm up to a 4.5mm needle already, and I might try it with a 5mm yet.

I had a yarn procurement exercise at the weekend, and did rather well. Charity shops were forthcoming with some additional vintage Sirdar Pullman, and a few other odds and ends. I scored a scarf kit from the PDSA in sssh eyelash yarn in a pretty autumnal colourway which will go into my Autumn shawl (when I get chance...probably next Autumn) and there was a free set of short 4mm scarf needles which will be handy.

***update - I got bored and cast on the Autumn shawl...oops***

I found Knit 1 in the Potteries Shopping Centre Market, which is owned by the mighty RKM Wools, and I got some Jarol Heritage DK, which is surprisingly smooshy and nice (55% wool) and some Wendy superchunky which I have a plan for. Abakhan as usual were well stocked-up, and I got the aforementioned Click DK and Ripple, and also a couple of balls of Bonus DK for the Uncles Scarves, a ball of Freedom Spirit for the Autumn shawl and some Wendy Mode to try out. They had some really good offers on 1000g bags of yarn if you're interested!

I also had a hit on eBay finally, and have landed a cone of Shetland 4-ply in a tweedy green, which will go towards the long-term plan of doing a Shetland Hap shawl. To the person who outbid me on the other lot, I hope you get moths. I've also ordered the shade cards from Jamiesons and Jamieson & Smith on Shetland. I'm determined that if I am doing a Shetland Hap, it's going to be in pure Shetland wool. I'm anal that way. I also have a fondness for our most northerly group of islands, as I nearly ended up living there many years ago.

Oh, I just remembered. I've got to do the teddy for the DH as well. I managed finally to get some toy stuffing...so now I have no excuse not to make a start. I'd better get scarf knitting...

Photos later folks x

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