Thursday, 25 October 2007

Send In The Sherpas


My very dear friend texted me earlier to say "Can we come round tonight?" I of course said yes, haven't seen them for a while blah blah...

Have you seen our house? Have a look down this blog, you'll find it.

See the problem?

Put it this way, Focus DIY in Lichfield are now a fair few storage boxes lighter, and I'm going to do my darndest to sneak out early, get home and then go into a frenzy of cleaning, stash-boxing, floor-mopping and clothes-folding. I may have to get out the Possessed Hoover From Hades (just don't ask, me and the vacuum cleaner, well, we have issues) and vacuum up all the bits of mohair that have attached themselves to the carpet.

I need to put all my summer clothes in the airing cupboard too. Unfortunately this means getting all the winter stuff out first. Hmmm. I would like to try and find the dining table as well, but that may be a bridge too far. There's stuff been on there that long Staffordshire County Council's Archaeology department are trying to make an appointment to do a dig.

I would just like to say, that this is not strictly because of my friend's impending visit. It was started, in fact, by Her Harlotness, who is having issues with husband management. (I typed that "husbane" - how appropriate) This, followed by the aforementioned text, was enough to fire the tidying up synapses, which are now in overdrive. I also have husbane management issues, like the bathroom which remains uncleaned. Having got sick to the back teeth of feeble excuses for three weeks, I'm doing it. And I'm going to do a far better job than he ever does.

Send help.

Or failing that, chocolate will suffice.

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