Thursday, 1 November 2007

I'm back, a year older...

Thank the Goddess that's over. Birthdays are not nearly as cool as they used to be, you know? Anyway, I am back, pictures to take later as I have New Things to show you :-) Yarny books and squishy parcels! Hope you didn't mind me rambling on a bit with the last post, I get a bit talky when I get going. Anyway, as yesterday was Samhain, the traditional end of the year, and the anniversary of my arrival in the world, I'm going to make a few Celtic New Year resolution-y type things.

1. I will bust some more stash this year. I want shot of a lot of the things I've been given and acquired in my early days of knitting.

2. I will knit and crochet some stuff for charity, hopefully tackling No. 1 resolution at the same time.

3. I will buy more quality fibres, and only buy synthetics when I have a need for them. Nothing wrong with them, I just find I'm not enjoying working with a lot of them.

4. I will knit at least one garment for myself this year (I've got the pattern already!) By garment I mean something other than a shawl or scarf!

5. We will move house this year to somewhere larger where I can have a dedicated work space. This leads to:

6. I will open my own Etsy shop and website, and finally start to try and make something of all the art training I've had.

7. I will endeavour to learn to spin. This is dependent on No. 5 happening!

I think that will do, I've learned the hard way not to give myself impossible challenges!

Back later with birthday swag.

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