Monday, 5 November 2007


Makes me think of the Pet Shop Boys song...I've just dated myself, haven't I?

I thought I'd better offer a short explanation for all the yarny goodness on the previous post.

Birthday money. Pretty much all of it, spent on fibre...hehehehehe we like.

It was all obtained from a most marvellous shop, which I thought I'd share with you. K2tog is in Wolstanton, which is close to Newcastle-under-Lyme in Staffordshire. They have a website too: Cucumberpatch and an eBay shop, but it's just not the same as a visit in person. They're on the High Street, just down from a bead shop (which I didn't go into, but it certainly looked tempting from the window) - look for the sign of the yarnball and crossed knitting needles :-)

Well, what can I say. Stuffed full of lovely things, but still organised enough that you can find everything. There was Adriafil and Jaeger and Rowan, Stylecraft, Wendy, Lana Grossa, Katia...the list goes on. Everything you could want. Addis, Lantern Moons, pattern books, bargain basement yarn, baskets to root in, knitted-up garments to paw over. Fabulous. £60 lighter, my marvellous husband realised something. This wasn't it. They have another shop. TWO YARN SHOPS ON ONE HIGH STREET. [aside] Guys - you need to put a sign up about this or something. We only realised by accident, people are missing the other yarny loveliness. [\aside]

Knitters - move to Staffordshire. Property is reasonable, we're centrally placed, and we have Lots Of Yarn.

A whole second shop full of - the Posh Stuff. Gulp. My credit card quailed.

Walking in, I was momentarily distracted by a basket of Araucania. Pretty. I then looked up, to see possibly the most joyous sight I have ever beheld. An Entire Wall of Colinette. A whole freakin' 10 feet high and about 12 feet wide wall of one of my favourite brands. And baskets full, and throw kits, and huge skeins hanging up on coatstands. I squeed audibly. I then, after nearly diving into one of the baskets (you could fit in one. you could bath in Colinette. Oh yes.) ventured up the steps and discovered another wall and shelf unit full of Rowan and RYC. All the posh stuff. They had Scottish Tweed. I love Scottish Tweed.In the end I couldn't buy any because I wanted all of it. Turning again, Debbie Bliss. Another entire wall. Rialto, Cashmerinos, Silk, you name it, it was there (and getting a lot of interest as well.)

But the icing on the cake?

I may have found a new favourite. I've sort of been avoiding this one, as I had a horrible feeling it could become an expensive and regular habit (bit like crack.)


An entire wall of Noro.

An entire, freakin', 10 feet high, stuffed to the limits wall of Noro.

Two skeins of Silk Garden have come home with me, and have immediately been buried in the bottom of the shopping bag to stop me casting on. I have to finish the Xmas knitting first. Talk about motivation...

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