Wednesday, 20 February 2008

OMG!!! They killed ******!

Dontcha just hate it when your favourite TV show kills off a character, just when you were starting to like them. Thanks, Torchwood.

Anyway. Knitting News!!! No pictures yet, the camera batteries are dead (sorry) and I'm waiting on the other set to charge up, but...I finished my sweater! *happydance* I'm so chuffed I actually managed to make a wearable garment out of a couple of sticks and some string. My seaming still blows goats, but less so than previous experiences, so maybe I'm learning. Overall, I'm really pleased. It's a tad too big (my gauge / tension was ever-so-slightly out) but a t-shirt underneath will sort that out, and its slightly baggy around the front of the shoulder / collarbone area, but then I do have rather scrawny shoulders, unlike the rest of me, and I reckon my padded bra will take up the slack nicely!

I still have far too much on the needles and hooks however:
  • the handspun scarf, from the hat leftovers
  • a triangular shawl from the Yarnball of Doom, which I'm not sure about so might frog
  • the first-ever DPN project mittens
  • a scarf, loosely based on the Athenian scarf, for my Mum
  • the DH's teddy bear, which is giving me fits
  • the chevron and mosaic throw - I really really need Barbara Walker's book before I carry on with this
  • the Nasty Orange Afghan, which is actually turning out quite nice (!)
  • the cotton throw, which has been oth for EVAH
  • the crazy crochet coat, which is officially hibernating as I need to make up more yarnballs from scraps and I can't be arsed
  • the knitting mill rug, it's in the bottom box of the stash and I don't feel like digging it out
  • the turquoise handbag
So what do I do to celebrate the completion of the Macgregor sweater?

I chain up a new project.

Yes, I am a muppet. I seem to be making a wrap / shawl thing, crocheted from some stash Patons Beehive Shetland Chunky, which is surprisingly smooshy and a very nice purply-maroony-grey heather colour. I'm not entirely sure how it's going to turn out yet, and I'm not sure who it's for either. I might, if it doesn't turn out to be utter pants, gift it to a friend to pass to their mother, who is poorly at the moment. If it turns out pants, no doubt I'll keep it and have it hanging around the house looking at me accusingly.

Knit club news - I managed to miss the first meeting of the Stoke S'n'B, which has peeved me a little as I was looking forward to it. A combination of one hell of an ass-kicking day and a rapidly descending freezing fog put me off. I'm hopeful to make the second meeting, but we'll see. Life has a habit of biting my plans on the behind, so I'm not holding my breath.

In other news, the drinking water at work appears to have become contaminated somehow, with what looks suspiciously like sewage (nice! cholera!) so I'm taking a bottle of water tomorrow. I might stop off in Tesco for some antibacterial hand-wipe thingies...and a full BA set as well. Yuk. Germs.

Final news, which is good (for a change) - I'm getting a free book to review through LibraryThing! Yay! I'm ready for a good read, so I'm really pleased about this. It means I'll have to write my first ever book review (since school, anyway) so that will be an experience.

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Cheerful One said...

My BF thinks that Owen will be in some way resurrected (probably with the magic DNA they are always using), but I disagree. We have three days left to argue about this. I am left with the quandry of really wanting it to be true but also really really wanting to be right ;)