Sunday, 3 February 2008

So where do I begin...

Gosh, a week between posts. I'm slacking. My excuse is partly this:

getting swapped for this:

Yay! It's arrived safely. Paperwork all complete, insurance nearly done (7 days free from Mazda, result) just waiting for all the hard copies of stuff in the post. For those not au fait with cars, it's a Mazda2 TS2 1.3 in "Spirited Green" - which, of course, as soon as it was eyeballed by the parents, was christened "Kermit." How original.

For those interested in such things, it's a very nice drive, very rev-happy engine (you have to be careful pulling away, if you don't give it a few revs it will try and conk out on you) pleasant interior - glowy red dash instruments is a cute touch, very easy handling in tight spaces, handles well on the open road, it's surprisingly quick and willing and so far I would recommend it. My dealer is good too - if you want a Mazda and you're in the area, Stafford Mazda come highly recommended by me. Good people.

Anyway, enough petrolhead stuff. More important matters. After England's startlingly bad performance in the Six Nations rugby, I am now officially Scottish. Scotland weren't much better today actually, getting pasted by the French, but at least it looked like they were trying. I just need to learn the words to "Flower of Scotland" and I'm away.

Yarny news:

The Random Wrap got a frogging. Here is the result:

The Yarnball Of Doom.

I rooted in the stash, and discovered this pile of horrors:

Orange nylon and acrylic of various sorts. Yum. I'm making it into the Nasty Orange Crochet Afghan, which I will then probably give to someone I don't like. :-)

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