Thursday, 13 March 2008

Am in Love

I'm not normally one for little dogs, preferring the big, hairy, rough-and-ready sorts (bit like my preference in men, thinking about it) but this lil' cutie? Could Take Him Home Right Now. I would love him and cuddle him and call him George. And he doesn't play with yarn. How perfect is that?

In Other News:
I might get to go north before late summer, if I'm very good I might get a weekend all to myself in the Highlands, the thought of which is sending me into raptures. Just need to find a wee cottage I can have over a weekend. *joy*

The crazy crochet coat has been assigned to oblivion. It's a blanket instead now. I realised it was too crazy even for me to wear. It should make a really cool blankie though.

The blasted bear for the DH is progressing apace, even with picking up stitches (hate) and short rowing (never done before) on the feet, I've one leg left to do then the main body is done. I'd post up a picture but at the moment it looks like something scraped up off the road. Just the ears and nose to do, then his little cardi (all in moss stitch...) and scarf.

Mum's Athenian scarf got a frogging, it just was not working in the angora. That pattern needs a silkier sort of yarn. So it's just a plain garter scarf, which I need to get onto soon as the bear is done, as it has to be done for the 31st of the month.

The orange afghan is looking quite funky, I was working on it Tuesday night with it spread over my knees and it was surprisingly warm. I'm growing to like it! It's not far off complete now, but I'll still have a load of orange left, so I might work a border around it to use it all up.

I still have the urge to knit lace, but I really can't yet. I also want to try a Pi shawl or a Hemlock blanket, but I also want to knit another sweater or vest...I have too many ideas right now.

ALDI have done well out of me again this last week or so. Firstly they had knitting goodies! Never one to miss a trick, I purchased some black ACKrylic and some fuzzy novelty stuff, with an eye to blankies and possibly a dog coat. I've not tested any yet, it's probably squeeky as all hell. I also got a tube full of needles, I've no idea if they're any good or not but they looked pretty. And today I'm getting a 22" flat panel monitor!!! Finally! I've only been waiting 12 months for them to get some...I'll take a piccy when it's installed.

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