Monday, 15 December 2008


I wish I could slap myself in the back of the head, Gibbs-style. Suffice to say it has been a SHIT day and it's mainly my fault and down to total communication breakdown. Sometimes my stupidity and amazing ability to see the bad side of everything is quite staggering. I think it's now sorted. I really hope so. I'm not going to detail things here but this is something desperately important to me and I really, really don't want it to fuck up.

However I now have the Cough From The Pits Of Hell to contend with. Honestly, I don't know how much more I can cope with. I just want to crawl into a pit and hide, or possibly just drop dead on the spot (and this cough is the sort that makes me think that could be a distinct possibility.) Echinacea throat spray is the only thing keeping me from actually expiring I think. That and lots of hot tea. I've barely eaten for two days (see first point) so tonight I fixed up a pork stew with lots of veggies and forced myself to eat a bowlful. Actually I do feel marginally more human so I'm hoping it will knock this latest germ on the head.

All this has of course played hell with the knitting. Mum's wrap is progressing sloooooowly - 12mm needles are seriously hard work, and my elbow is protesting loudly, and tbh I was just Not In The Mood today, which is a very bad sign. I did manage to knock out two crocheted cat toys tonight, it was all my poor beleaguered brain could cope with. However once Mum's wrap is done that is it, Xmas-knits finished and I can start dealing with the nasty startitis tickle that's been threatening the last week or two. I'm eyeballing Jared's Hemlock Blanket, and his new one Girasole, there's the promise of the Noro becoming a nice warm jumper and then there's all that lovely Rowan single breed to turn into something. I need something to put between me and the cold I think.

Now if someone could work out a way of me avoiding all the evil bugs of Doom that the dirty commuters keep bringing onto the train I will be a marginally happier bunny.

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