Thursday, 1 January 2009

The Christmas Review

This will mainly be in pictures because, would you credit it, I have not, as first thought, beaten off the miserable cold which tried to spoil Christmas, but have, it would appear, attracted another. Gosh that's a lot of commas. Sorry. Blame the germs. I was planning to go to Edinburgh for Hogmanay but a combination of the stars not aligning correctly and a fear of contracting pneumonia put that off. Maybe next year. I spent an evening in front of the fire knitting instead. And blowing my nose. Sniff. At least my washer hasn't exploded yet.

Right. Christmas.

The Sweater:

Note the ribbed hems - I had to rip the sleeves back a bit and knit down. Fits really nice though. Dad now wants a matching hat :-)

Mum's Wrap:

Mum is sadly not one of those people who photographs I chose this photo so she doesn't roast me over a slow fire.

Uncle's Hat (my Uncle, btw, is not actually certifiable - he just looks it on this photo)

He also is not normally blurry or pointy-headed. Blame my cameraphone (guess who left the proper camera at home that day)

I gifted Granny the Pi Shawl:

but I didn't get a picture of her with it. She seemed very pleased with it though, and when we left was happily examining the construction to try and work out how I made it.

Finally there was the Cat. Cat does actually have a name (in fact two) - originally christened Diablo (highly appropriate) Mum decided she didn't like that and renamed her Dido. I think that sounds like a sex toy, so I generally call her Cat. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves here:



Next Post will no doubt be some sort of Review of the Year type thingy, if I can un-bung my nose long enough.

Happy New Year.


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