Wednesday, 8 April 2009

I'm here, I'm here!

Oh god, that was fun. My computer decided to explode last week, but it has now been fixed and I'm slowly putting all my stuff back on to it. Gah. Actually it was overdue a rebuild, but it would have been nice not to have it inflicted on me. At least it sorted out my emails. I've also been away down south, visiting the parental units for their respective birthdays and then even further south to see my man who is in Essex at the moment. Which is a LOOOOOONG way from Ayrshire, believe me. I think I have corns on my backside from spending so long in the car.

Next time, I think I might have to catch a flight to Stansted. It will probably be cheaper!

All this gadding about and beating my PC with a brick means my house was ditched, I have a colossal amount of ironing to do, and there were dirty dishes sitting for a week before they got washed up. Housework avoidance? I haz it. My sink smells funny as well. Sort of like compost. Not much knitting was achieved either - I haven't figured how to knit and drive at the same time yet. However I did finish the Luna Moth shawl:

and as I seem to have gone into some sort of lace kick, I cast on for the Fountain Pen Shawl from IK, in Old Maiden Aunt laceweight.

I've done some sewing:

I maded a PINCUSHION! Yay me. I'm actually rather pleased.

I also did some Wardrobe Refashioning, more as an experiment than a serious attempt at something wearable. I turned this:

into this (along with hacking up the cream sweater)

which is not nearly as wonky as it looks. I'm not sure how practical a jersey skirt will be, but hey. Good practice.

I suffered my first sewing injury (warning - BLOOD!)

Them rotary cutters? They is SHARP lemme tell you. Ouch.

I found that Colchester has not one, but TWO fantastic haberdashers / fabric shop / yarn shops, so I am now skinted :-)

And finally I did some thrifting and scored a fantastic LK Bennett skirt and a madly funky top wich I may never wear but was too pretty to leave in the shop:

I haz teh Charity Shop love.


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