Sunday, 3 January 2010

Woven Woods and Glorious Colour

I seem to be blogging on a daily basis so far this year! No I've not joined Blog365 or whatever, I just seem to have a lot to say at the moment. It won't last. At the moment I'm just waiting for my camera batteries to charge up so I can go for a walk. I wish they'd hurry up as the light just now is fabulous.

Anyway, while I'm waiting, I thought I'd witter on a bit about colour. I have a head FULL of colour, especially at the moment as I've been looking a lot at Jane Thornley's work and thinking about the Inspired Knitter's Club. I have developed a deep, uncontrollable need for a particular colour. I can only describe it as a mustardy, olivey, goldy green. There's an example here, and Alchemy do a couple of colourways - "Dragon" and "Hidden Place" that are near. I think Colinette do something too, but they've taken their site down for maintenance. Hang on, I'll surf Flickr and see what I can find.
Aha! Jane's Woven Woods wrap. I hope she doesn't mind. Jane - if you do, let me know and I'll just do a linky instead!

Right, see that colour on the edges? Above the button. THAT kind of colour.

Woven Woods button fastning, originally uploaded by thornleytwo.

If anyone can tell me how to dye that colour, I will be eternally grateful.

Kaffe Fassett
Of course if you are discussing colour, then the patron saint must be Kaffe. Oh Kaffe, how I love thee, let me count the ways. I mean, how can you not adore a man pictured on his home page in a blue spotty shirt, brown cords, spotty socks and a big bunch of dahlias, sitting on a quilt? His colour sense is pretty much the same as mine, and I don't think he's ever produced ANYTHING I don't like. A lot of people diss his knitwear as being boxy or shapeless, but of course he's not designing a garment per se, it's a piece of art to wear. I share his love of patterns too, as anyone who has seen one of my paintings will testify :-)

When I grow up, find another settled job somewhere and can buy a house, it's going to be decorated in a Kaffe-crossed-with-a-gypsy-caravan style. There will be lime and purple. It will be AWESOME.

This leads me to show you one of my Xmas presents. My beloved got me this, and I don't think I have squeed so loudly (other than getting Caroline of course) since next door got a Border Collie puppy.

Okay, so I got Glorious Knitting. "So what?!" I hear you cry. Philistines. But wait, there is more. Inside it was:

Oooooh. Wait, it gets better.

Click for bigness. That is two posters produced for the Channel 4 TV show in the late 80's. Look, I got a Kaffe pinup! Hee!

But that isn't all. Look at the front page of the book:


Can you believe this book was in a second-hand shop? Can you BELIEVE it?

Anyway it is now MINE, my precious, and it's on the list of "things that I will risk life and limb to rescue in case of fire."

Last thing, as my batteries must surely be charged by now.

Look! I made handspun and...IT DOESN'T SUCK!

That is the Rockpool Candy batt, plied with sewing thread - about 75 yards. The black is the Jacob that came with Caroline. It's a two-ply, about 50g but I've not measured it (doh.) They're both really well balanced, and I has a Big Pleased.

Right, off for my walk. It's too nice a day to miss.


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