Thursday, 11 February 2010


I'm ready. (Don't get me on the whole Knitting Olympics / Ravelympics thing, 'kay? This is supposed to be a fun challenge, not politics.)

I have wound the yarn.

I have swatched.

I have shed tears of frustration over colourwork knitted flat.

I have got over myself and figured how to work colourwork flat.

I am preparing to be up at 2am Saturday morning to cast on (but I'm trying to work out a way round that one. I'm not sure it's a good idea.)

I have prepared and tagged the projects on Ravelry.

And's just the waiting.

Here is the yarn:

10-02-11 Picture 001

Here is the swatch - pretty isn't it?

10-02-11 Picture 002

It will be a Berber Jacket, pattern from the lovely Jane Thornley. I may not work the chequered pattern at the top of the yoke - in the swatch I didn't like it so much as the two-coloured ribbing. I'm also probably going to do the fronts and back, sew it up, then knit the sleeves downwards in the round. I will also have to watch the breadth of the shoulders - it's a dropped shoulder, and I do not have very wide shoulders. A lot of stuff ends up a bit big across my back so some careful measuring will need to be done I think.

Also I am going to finish my socks:

10-02-11 Picture 003

Which I have been working on since JUNE LAST YEAR, ffs. I have no warm socks. This will be remedied. Yarn is Regia Kaffe Fassett (I think - it's certainly Regia anyway.)

In other news.

I KNIT A SWEATER!!! AND IT FITS AND IS AWESOME. Also knit completely from stash. Go me.

Right, please excuse the pictures. I look like shit in this photo, well even more than usual. I am not a photogenic person without the aid of a team of make-up artists. And Photoshop. Jules - no rude remarks okay? Otherwise I will have to smack you. Hard.

10-02-11 Picture 006

Top-down raglan, in handspun Wensleydale from Teo's Handspun on the Isle of Skye. Bought when I was on my holidays up there, and I FINALLY got brave enough to knit it up. I have virtually no yarn left, right the way through the second sleeve I was panicking I was going to run out. As it turned out, I have maybe 20 yards left. It is delightfully sheepy, very cosy and surprisingly soft. I haven't dared wash it yet, to be honest. I have a terror it will drop about a foot. I will have to brave it sooner or later, but at the moment I'm wearing it :-) Ange's dog thought it was FABULOUS. He couldn't keep his paws off me :-)

Employment News

There is none. Nothing to report, not an interview, not a dickybird. Nowt.

Well, there's always tomorrow, right?

Road Trip

After a PARTICULARLY bad day, Ange took pity on me and carted me off to Twist in Newburgh, in sunny Fife, for a fibre fix. What a great shop! Fibre all laid out, ready for you to weigh out as much as you wanted. Fat wheels of lopi (yup, I bought some) just right for felting (I'm going to make a waistcoat) spinning and weaving stuff, yarns, buttons, books...Great stuff. Just what I needed, and I brought back some lovely merino tops and an 80/20 merino / silk blend for spinning for the Berber Jacket. I really need to get my ass in gear and take pictures. I also bought Caroline a maintenance kit JUST IN CASE - I have a horror of her snapping a driveband and leaving me wheel-less.

Tomorrow if he weather is decent I will try and take some pictures of the Woven Woods vest (I still need to finish the armholes...gah) and the bits from Twist. I have been a bit remiss on blogging things lately. Must remedy this.


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