Sunday, 28 March 2010

F1 2010 - Australia

Yes folks, Formula 1 post again. You may wish to look away now. :-)

Okay, that was a GOOD race. Hopefully it will silence the "F1 is so boring" brigade, well for a week at least.

Firstly, let's talk about Jenson Button. GREAT drive, great (and brave) call on the changeover to slicks - apparently Jenson's decision - and a smooth, creamy, typical Jenson run to the finish. Okay, he had a bit of luck, but that's racing and the trick is making the most of it when it happens. Well-deserved I think, he nursed his tyres well and recovered brilliantly after a wee moment on the fresh slicks.

Seb Vettel - my heart aches for the poor boy. He is SO good, but the Red Bull let him down again. Somehow I don't think the other teams will be able to rely on that happening frequently though. This man WILL be a World Champion, and very very soon. (What is it with the Germans? They're all over the place - Schumacher effect perhaps?)

Mark Webber - aarrgh. Mark. So near yet so far. All I want to say to him really is CHILL! It will happen, just calm down a bit.

Lewis Hamilton - Right. I have a bit of a rant here. Lewis REALLY needs to STFU about the team. McLaren are one of the best out there, and they deserve his absolute support, not mutterings and thinly veiled threats. That might have been okay (well, no, not okay, but he got away with it) when Uncle Ron was in charge, but I don't think Martin Whitmarsh will stand for too much of it, and he shouldn't. Lewis needs to focus on what the current situation is - not what it "should" be if, as he seems to think, the whole world revolved around him. I mean, ranting on the radio about strategy whilst tangling with two Ferraris and Mark Webber snorting up his exhausts? NOT COOL. Every time I see him on TV he's sulking. Maybe he needs reminding that he's in one of the most envied positions in the sporting world. Yes, McLaren made a mistake. It happens. DEAL WITH IT ALREADY. Rant about it in private if you must, but stop throwing the toys out the pram in public. It's not pretty and it must be demotivating to the team. They deserve better. Rant over :-)

Robert Kubica - Dude. He is GOOD. Great drive. Definitely a man to watch along with Rosberg.

Here's a random observation. What is it with F1 drivers and model girlfriends? Are their egos so fragile that they all need arm candy to boost them up? Is there some sort of competition going on? Or is it that the poor blokes never meet any real, normal (female) people so end up with these (apparently) brainless little clotheshorses by default? Weird.

Enough of this frivolity, it's Malaysia in a week's time!


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