Sunday, 14 March 2010

F1 2010!

Yay a new season begins in Formula 1! Spent half the race getting used to new teams, new drivers and old drivers in new teams.

Michael Schumacher eh? All I'm saying is that the bugger doesn't look 41 does he? Must be the picture in the attic.

And I had one hell of a shock as well. Bruno Senna. First was the name, then the helmet. Just the same as his uncle's. When his car died, he neatly parked it up at the side of the track and flipped his visor. I nearly burst into tears on the spot. He looked so like Ayrton it was uncanny. Even Martin Brundle was shaken. With his helmet off, the likeness isn't so striking. Looking at him in his helmet, it's like Ayrton came back. ::sniffle::


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