Sunday, 16 May 2010


I am trying to put together a proper post for y'all, but it's not coming too easily at the moment - I think my poor brain is quite worn out. Don't worry, I'm not about to stab myself to death with my DPNs or anything, just work and relationship (well, lack of) stuff and things not working and having to get new things and work being sucky and lots of busy and, well, meh.

So here's the last couple of weeks in bullet points...

• Sewing machine broke. This is sad because it was my Granny’s, and I don’t have the heart to get rid of it. I have the original receipt from 1974, ffs. Maybe a doorstop.
• Obtained new (to me) sewing machine. Joy abounds as it actually works and I’m not as bad at sewing as I thought.
• Had relationship moment and something of a revelation regarding same. Basically, single is better than dating some poor bloke whilst actually wishing he was someone else. The someone else exists and was the provider of my lovely sewing machine, hence possibly the only time in history that a sewing implement has triggered major life review. Hah.
• Work laptop died. This means limited Ravelling, which is a bugger as I don’t have much to do. This makes me extra-twitchy because...
• They’ve stopped us smoking at work other than lunchtime. This sucks donkey balls and makes me grumpy and bored and I eat too much.
• I therefore have an interview this coming week. I’m trying to work out how to ask if they have stupid smoking rules without sounding like a tit.
• Ange and I went to Perth, bought yarn, fibre and I got an extremely orange handbag.
• Perth is really nice.
• I bought a new mower. It is a revelation. I actually enjoy mowing the lawn now.
• I went to IKEA and managed to spend less than £100. This is a miracle. The devil should stock up on ice skates. Just goes to show I have actually moved on a hell of a lot :-)
• I now have my fibre beautifully organised, well away from ciggie smoke and kitchen smells. It’s all securely wrapped up anyway, but I am paranoid.
• I also have a lovely blanket chest, which is already full. So I’m making another blanket. It’s an obsession.
• I am so sick of marketing / research / nuisance phone calls that I have instigated a new telephone policy. I don’t answer it. I’ve set the answerphone to pick up after 4 rings and I’ll filter the crap out that way.

That's it :-)

I have a bunch of pictures on the camera but I'm too addled to deal with it now so you'll just have to wait, sorry :-)


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