Thursday, 8 July 2010

Tour de Fleece

I am such a joiner.

TdF 2010 #1

The BFL fleece on the bobbin, and silk hankies on the Golding.

The fleece is being a screaming bitch to spin - it hasn't taken too kindly to carding, so I'm just going to spin up what's prepared and leave the rest for when I manage to get some combs.

Tonight I think I might break out something a bit more cheerful, colour-wise :-) I want to try out my new spindle I got from Woolfest:


Forrester, about 45g which is much heavier than I usually use, but I was all overcome by the shiny :-)

and this is the kit I got from House of Hemp:


How pretty is that???

In WIP news, I have nearly finished the Jane Thornley KAL:


Just need to finish the edges, and work up a shawl pin from some driftwood and shells.

I started the Traveling Woman shawlette, in one of Lilith's yarns - the 100% merino superwash in "Jasper":


It's much bigger now :-) and here's a better snap of the yarn:


And Finally...



My work here is done. That's Izzy, and I just taught her to knit. She's off up North for a bit, and she's taking the knitting with her. Aaah. I'm so proud.

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knitty_kat said...

Way to turn another muggle to the dark side!! You've been busy lady, looky good!