Monday, 16 August 2010

Botanical Knitting

We went here:


and saw this:


and these: (Look! Casey! and Jess is hiding behind her parasol)


and these: (I really need a wide-angle lens, huh?)


and there was cake:


and this:


and an awesome day was had by all.

The ArtemisArtemis fibre is all spun up, and I'm working my way through a batt I carded myself to match. About half a bobbin to go, then plying will commence.

I sampled the Texel, my God it is SPRINGY. I left it as a single, I'm going to try knitting it up shortly and see what it does. Did I mention it was springy? I've started scouring the rest, it is a BIG fleece so it's going to take a while. I did manage to finish scouring the Balwen, and I drumcarded some of it and spun it up on Sunday. It is not exactly soft...but I have a plan. Sort of.

Here's the finished Travelling Woman shawlette:


and the pegged rug:


Latest progress on the granny squares: (actually they're sewn together now, and I changed the layout slightly, but you sort of get the idea)


and my latest addiction, a Weavette-style pin loom:


I've knocked another WIP off the list as well. The top I was knitting in banana silk just wasn't working. The yarn is HORRIBLE to knit, and it is heavy. So I'm ripping it out and I might weave with it instead.

In other news, there isn't any :-)

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