Sunday, 24 October 2010

F1 Korea

Well the inaugural race in South Korea was interesting, to say the least :-) though I wasn't TOO happy with getting up at 5.40am to find Charlie putting out the safety car. Meh. Well, the track looked like a skating rink so I suppose it was fair enough, but when they restarted after the reds, I did feel they could have pulled the safety car in sooner. Anyway, lousy day for RBR, also lousy for poor Jenson, not bad for Lewis and bloody marvellous for Fernando. As I am NOT a Ferrari fan, this does not please me immensely, but it was nice to see Fernando and Felipe smiling for once (and Felipe falling up the stairs. Bless him.)

I did have a bit of a fright today though. On the Beeb they showed you four drivers who were in a similar position to the current Championship - Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, Nigel Mansell and Nelson Piquet. There was me having a warm, fuzzy, reminiscent moment until someone said "that was the situation 25 years ago."



*does sums*

Bloody hell, they're right.

I AM getting old.

Not so old though that I can't make one observation - is it just me who thinks Christian Horner is darned attractive?

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