Monday, 11 October 2010

Well so much for travelling posts

didn't really have anything to post about :-) headed down south, stopped at the parentals for lunch and a cuppa, carried on down further south, stuck on motorway, got to hotel, showered, had dinner (all by myself in the restaurant, I haz a proud), went to bed, got up, dressed, breakfasted, went for an interview, got in car and drove back to parents', food and tea, drove home. 800 mile round trip :-o Hopefully find out this week if they want me or not. If they do, it's...


Aargh. Oh well, needs must etc.

Anyway, I have revived somewhat from that epic trip and have KAL progress to show you. Did I mention the KAL? quick check Oops, I didn't. Okay, Jane Thornley is running an Autumn KAL in the Ravelry group, so I decided to leap in, like I haven't got enough on the needles already :-)

Autumn KAL Mosaic

and that's about it. I'm shattered so I'm off to my bed.

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