Thursday, 30 December 2010

70 Days

and counting until the Bahrain Grand Prix first practice :-D

Why yes, my geek is showing. Bite me :-) I was wanting to go to the Autosport show at the NEC in a couple of weeks, but having checked out the tickets it's looking like a bridge too far money-wise - I want to take Dad, but at £30 a ticket each, plus train fare, plus travelling up and down to Stoke...and I want to buy some motorsport pictures for my empty walls...ouch. And I don't know if the Red Bulls are there either. McLaren are making a big effort apparently which I'd love to see, but I'm saving up for a new camera and that would be a big old chunk out of that. Maybe next year. I'll see what Dad thinks, but I think he'll baulk at the price too. I should perhaps save up for a trip to's only a short hop away. Shame they don't have many races :-( or there's always Goodwood...but that's even more expensive...

Christmas was something of a quiet one, up at the parents' house for a week, it was just the three of us and the cat. It rather sucks being single this time of year, though it does cut down on the gift-giving stress :-) I spent most of the time eating, knitting and gawping at the TV. They've got SkyHD and a much bigger telly than me, so I had Eurosport and Motors TV on most of the time :-D

I have knitting to show you, and some crochet too, but it will have to be later as I need to go organise laundry and try and find room for the three boxes of books I brought back from Stoke with me. Hmmm. I may be some time.


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knitty_kat said...

Singleness sucks at all times of year . . . but there are many plus sides too. Hope you had a good Christmas - Happy New Year!