Monday, 13 December 2010


Well, a wee while ago actually (just entering the third week), but thanks to BT being their usual efficient selves (cough) and them screwing up my lovely broadband providers, it's taken a couple of weeks to actually get online. But I am BACK and SO FUCKING RELIEVED to have a proper internet connection again.

Eight Megabytes.

Oh yeah baby. Now I know those of you on fibre are getting 20Mb and are just laughing your asses off, in the last place I was getting 768Kbps so it's like going from a Suzuki Liana to a Red Bull Renault. Sweet.

I had 378 emails and about the same number of unread blog posts in Google Reader (gulp). Yeah. Epic. I've barely scratched the surface of the blogs.

Anyway I know you're all just SLAVERING to know how the move went. Well, no-one died, the only injuries were to me (one set of squashed fingers and one gashed finger, oh and my fingernails are just hideous)and my bank accounts now have a quite spectacular dent in them.

It didn't all fit, by the way. Yeah. Let's just say that through a miracle of packing engineering, an unexpected trip back to Scotland, dumping stuff on Ange and simply dumping some other stuff, it all got done, sort of. I knew a 7.5 tonne van would have been better :-) I DEFINITELY couldn't have done it without the awesome assistance of Ange and Jules, neither of whom I fell out with in the process. Amazingly they didn't fall out with me either. I love you guys.

So I am here in freezing Berkshire! It's really rather nice. I've not had much chance to explore yet as I'm still unpacking (I only found my slippers last week) and the first couple of weeks it's been so cold and icy that I haven't really fancied going far (also skint, see bank account mention above...)I've found Sainsbury's (vital), the petrol station and the local hardware shop, the railway station and my office (handy). I can't get over having a shop 5 minutes walk away where I can buy milk! Cigarettes! A loaf! I don't need to get the car out!

In fact, the only thing missing as far as I can see is a yarn shop. The nearest "proper" one is John Lewis which really doesn't count. Typical. A lovely shop opens in Gourock and not all that long after I have to move. Huh. However, after having packed all the stash, and now unpacked it all into boxes, I realised something.


I have a lot of yarn.

I may not need to buy much for a while.

Yeah, right.

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knitty_kat said...

Seriously?!?! It looks like you could open up yer own shop . . . very much like my stash. :)