Sunday, 10 April 2011

Actual Fibre Content

Hello folks! Sorry, I've been a bit distracted in a VERY GOOD WAY and therefore no blogging time! Let's just say that maybe OKC isn't as useless as I feared :-D

So what's been happening here at Chez Woolhouse? Not a lot, to be honest, I've been steadily ploughing on with the Iced Cardigan:


It's coming on nicely, I'm just in Sleeve Hell at the moment. I hate sleeves. First one is nearly done, second one to do and then the huge collar. Of course, the weather has now turned utterly lovely, I've lightly scorched my arms and one leg, so the last thing I need is a super-woolly, handspun cardigan :-) Typical!

I finished a gnomey hat which was a request from a friend:


Mmmmmmalabrigo in Ravelry Red, which of course my camera hates. It's soft and lovely as you'd expect.

Workshop prep:


coming on sloooooooooowly, but it's looking good and has a really nice hand.

I also finished another Baktus, but forgot to take a picture because I am a bit distracted at the moment :-) This was my Work Knitting, so I need to find something else sharpish. I'm considering a BSJ - NOT FOR ME MIGHT I ADD, but for a lady I just met yesterday who is due a bebeh in two weeks' time. And is a knitter! Yay! Only thing is I'm not sure I've got appropriate yarn (I know, hard to believe huh?) and I might be pushed for time...I have some lovely sockweight, but I don't want it too tiny or slow to knit. I shall ponder a little more.

I still need to comb some more of these Hebrideans - I spun up some more and it is really nice, typical longwool, very lustrous with little or no spring to it.

In other news, I'm still toying with renaming the blog, and mebbe my Rav name too. It's just not cutting it for me any more. Suggestions? Answers on a postcard?

Of course, I have been watching the F1, looking like another good season so far. Pleased with the McLarens, they're much better than they looked in testing, Sauber are impressing me like mad as is Paul di Resta. Good stuff, and China next week! I might have to rearrange my dental appointment...


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