Monday, 20 June 2011

Fleeeeeeeeeece again

The Oxford Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers were having their annual Fleece Fair at the weekend, so I loaded up the beloved as co-driver (poor man, he was very patient) and headed off into the wilds of Oxfordshire.

Score! Really nice selection of fleeces, mainly rare breeds and nearly all local-ish. I eventually settled on two fleeces, both from prizewinning flocks, a Cotswold and a Shropshire (which was actually from Shropshire, which is rather nice I thought.)


Cotswold 2

Shropshire 4

The Shropshire (second pic) is a ram fleece (his name is Bradman apparently, probably a cricket fan) and is enormous, and the Cotswold isn't exactly compact either!

I'm washing the Shroppie as we speak, the washing machine is doing the dirty work on that one for me :-) but I've already sampled both a little bit:



I tried machine washing the Cotswold but it wasn't really satisfactory - it's general very clean apart from the tips, so I need to tease out the locks either before or during washing. It also tangled it a bit, so I think that's one for the washing-up bowls (sigh)

I made a dishcloth (hold on to your hat)


(worst phone photo ever)

and a crocheted wrap from a Lion Brand pattern:


These were entirely inspired by the stash toss - I have a ridiculous amount of random balls of cotton (and I hate working with most cottons) and a need for some dishcloths! I re-discovered the thrifted mohair / cotton blend that I recycled from a half-finished sweater that was stuffed in with a bag of yarn from a car boot sale. I overdyed it ages ago in blues and purples. I think it can go in the Xmas Gifting collection ☺ I'm getting a start on it now!

I finished the Iced cardigan, apart from buttons:


They'll get sewn on this week ready for...


Woohoo! Looking forward to it - I'm not looking forward to a weekend without the Mr, but I didn't really think it was fair to drag him all the way to Cumbria to look at yarn ☺


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