Thursday, 2 June 2011


Yup, motorsport content again ☺ Bank Holiday Monday was time for a trip over to the Smoke (literally as it turned out, a huge fire in Thornton Heath meant some nifty work on my part with the road atlas and Google Maps to get us home again) and to Crystal Palace for their annual Sprint. For those not familiar, sprints are not "racing" as such - each competitor has a number of runs on the circuit one at a time, and the fastest wins. There are lots of classes so like cars compete against each other for the honours. At this event there was also a nice sideshow of interesting cars and bikes, and you can wander around the paddock to look at the competitors.



I found some Honda Civics - my Mum had one of these! Cracking little car it was too:


There were some very serious Minis:


some tidy French retro:


and one of my personal favourites:


oh and the beloved found his next car...he wishes:


There was Actual Knitting Content™ - my Liesl got an outing (excuse the gratuitous butt shot, that's what happens when a certain person is put in charge of the camera)


and I took my latest project and knitted in between cars ☺

Latest project, I hear you cry? Yup, I caved and cast on another project...I do have a (feeble) excuse - I wanted to try out the Wollmeise before KnitNation, to see if I wanted to buy any more. Of course I do. It really is nice, feels like cotton, knits like a wool/cotton and apparently blocks like a dream but I haven't got that far. One thing I have found - it's somewhat overspun imho, so it tends to twist up a bit. This gave me a problem when I cast on the first pattern I had in mind - Pogona. You have to switch between stocking stitch and reverse st st. This lead to this:


EEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW. I often have a slight ladder when swapping between the two (and some Rav-searching has suggested some solutions) but the twist seemed to exaggerate the problem to an unacceptable degree :-( After a little soul-searching I faced facts and ripped it all out. It's now becoming Sweet Jazz, a nice shawly, crescenty scarfy thing with an appealingly pointy border. Moving on nicely so far, no picture because it really doesn't look very exciting yet.

I've been doing some weaving -


made a start on the "net" curtains for the lounge window. I'm sick of the neighbours gawping! Note the rather dubious warping set-up - I do miss having a really big dining room! I finished the weaving today, I just need to secure the edges and give it a wash, and see what I end up with...there's still quite a lot to do yet. I'm still ploughing on with an epic peg loom rug as well. I keep doing a row or two whenever I walk past.

Colour Project

Still on Red for a week or two yet, I've decided to use the blog as my sketchbook so here's a bit more (I still haven't photographed the yarn I spun, oops)

Colour Project

I was hoping to do some painting, but to be realistic, I doubt I'll have time or space - my huge collection of art materials will remain unmolested for a little longer I fear!


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