Monday, 18 July 2011

KnitNation 2011


Well, we went to Handweavers' Studio first:



I may have bought some rug wool...


and wound my first warp (Thanks Ange!) Yes, that's my kitchen worktop. I'm a bit pushed for weaving space...

We got to Imperial College, and found a bunch of slightly damp knitters:


and Ysolda's booth:


where much trying-on occurred:


Vine Yoke cardi, I'm looking ridiculous because I was having something of a yarngasm;

and Coraline, which is SO not my colour (which is why I'm trying not to laugh) and I will have to do something about the cuffs when I come to knit it:


I may have bought some yarn and bits and bobs (yes that's Wollmeise Lace):


and we got utterly soaked walking from the bus to Paddington. There are no photos of this. Fortunately. Yes, that's a Dr. Who project bag. No, you can't have it, it's mine. I've licked it and everything.

I was ravelling this evening, and realised I'd been fiddling with my hair. So I fiddled some more and ended up with this:

Picture0002 (3)

Maybe I should do dreads ☺


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