Monday, 12 September 2011


Continuing the colour project for the year, I ran into yellow and immediately fell out with it ☺ Yellow and I don't really get on that well (see the pic of me in one of Ysolda's cardis at KnitNation if you don't believe me)

However, when knitting puffs, yellow is a useful colour to have. So:


I'm moving onto green though now. That's enough yellow ☺

Speaking of puffs...



Puffing continues apace.

Catch-Up Time

I finished this Baby Surprise Jacket a few weeks ago (ITS NOT FOR ME, OKAY???)


The buttons have got ittle bitty sheepies on them. Too cute for words.

We held a pizza bake-off - who could make the best pizza. Steve does his the old-fashioned way, and when the worktop space runs out, this happens:


I use a slightly different technique:


Heh. The result?


After we recovered from the pizza coma, we declared it a draw.

We went to Castle Combe on the Bank Holiday weekend, and saw Morgans:


alongside various other sports and GT cars. Really nice afternoon, though next time I'm taking a woolly hat. Castle Combe is a really nice circuit to visit, and the doughnuts were pretty darned awesome. We both came back pining for decent cameras though...

Finally we went and had a visit with the parentals, I may have bought the best bargain crockery EVAR, the cat brought Steve a gift of a dead bunny rabbit (!) and we went to Trentham Gardens:


Which is entirely lovely, and great to see restored to its former glory, but £7.50 each to get in is a bit of a liberty IMHO. Oh well.

And that's about it, I'm going back to my puffs now.


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