Sunday, 12 February 2012

12th Feb 2012

It's neverending entertainment here.

Remember the nice fire?



Awesome. That's Hampshire Fire Brigade paying us a welcome visit to put out the supposedly clean chimney. No damage done other than the register plate at the bottom of the stack, but NO MORE. Two chimney fires in my life is enough thanks :-/ The lounge is now freezing until we can find the right kind of board to block the chimney. The up side was one of the firemen is an amateur archaeologist and told us all sorts of cool stuff about the house and the area.

The toilet froze did the kitchen sink. It was epic. It has been down to at least -12°C here though so not entirely unexpected. George the vacuum has been doing sterling service clearing the sink to enable us to keep pouring hot water down it.

In happier news, work is looking up and I carried on making squares:


and I cast on for a hat for Steve, finally! As it's sock yarn it might be ready for next winter...

I have a few days off next week so I must go and do some more of the chores so I can have extra free time. I haven't had a spinning wheel out since we moved so I need to address that pretty soon :-)


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