Saturday, 7 July 2012

July 7th, TdF Day 8


About 150 yards of silk hankies, just needing a wash. I'm saving all the skeins I'm making and I'll have a washing session at the end of the Tour.

I'm back on the merino / camel / silk / alpaca for a bit now, I want to finish the second bobbin and then decide what I'm going to do with it. I can either 2-ply it into a heavy laceweight, or n-ply it and get a light fingering weight. Not sure, I'm very out of practice with navajo plying!

In other news the man came this morning and finished off the new cooker installation ☺ so we have a shiny new cooker. It's barely stopped raining all day, so I've been watching the British GP practice and qualifying and spinning away steadily. I'm starting to feel a bit spun out I must admit! I might do some fibre prep tonight / tomorrow, I can either comb some more Shropshire or maybe card up a crazy art batt. We'll see...


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