Monday, 9 July 2012

July 9th, TdF Day 10

Back to work today, so not much achieved. I did a little spindling last night and made some singles for hexapuffs:



I'd carded some merino batts a few months ago. I decided they were a bit dull, so I re-carded them with some tussah, milk protein, flax, treasure fibre and sari silk. Much more interesting!

I woke up with spinner's cramp this morning, so decided to lay off the wheel for today. Instead I fetched the Haldane downstairs and switched it over to single drive / scotch tension. I really don't like double drive I've discovered.

I have a terrible pic:


I ended up using an Ashford scotch tension knob, as it was ready to go; however I ended up taking about a foot off the cord and retying it all, so I could have actually used the proper Haldane knob. I might swap it at some point! Tomorrow I shall try and spin something up to test it out properly.

So instead of spinning tonight, I dug out the Shropshire fleece from the stash, and I'm doing a bit of combing:



by the way, that was way too much fleece on one comb ☺ I ended up with one foot braced on the table to stop me tipping it over. Whoops...

In other news, we've spent a bit of time this evening watching our resident barn owl hunting. Very cool. Steve took a photo, so we'll wait and see if it came out once he gets round to finishing the film off!


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