Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Well, I'm quite pleased if I do say so myself.

I knitted mittens! Ok, they're only practice ones for me, not the fancy ones Mum is getting (fingers crossed), and they haven't any thumbs, but, I'm still dead impressed. Technical info - they're knitted from (gasp!) 100% acrylic, I think the blue and yellow are Stylecraft, the multicolour is Patons Fab! DK. Knitted on 3.75mm needles. I cast on 38 sts, did 6rows of K2 P2 rib, about 26 rows total st st followed by another 6 rows of rib. I do have tiny hands, so if you fancy a pair you'd probably want to measure your hand first. You'll need a pretty good idea of your tension (gauge) as well to get a good fit. My tension was about 5st to the inch, and my paw is about 7.5" round the widest part, so
5 x 7.5 = 37.5 therefore CO 38. Worked well. Just watch your cast-on and off, you don't want it too tight or too slack.

I've just had a very cool email. I am on a Yahoo group for Snowy White, the guitarist, and the very lovely lady who runs the fan club has just asked if we have any questions to put to him for a piece she's writing. I have completely dried up. I cannot think of a single, sensible question. Darn. Sorry folks, I need to go give this some thought.

Maybe I could ask him if he'd like some mittens?

Oh, just one more thing before I push off. It's just in case you were wondering what the name of this blog is all about. Artisan is pretty straightforward, I hope, but what's with Knotty? It has nothing to do with yarn, but a lot to do with this:

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