Sunday, 19 August 2007

Woohoo, that's Christmas sorted

I am, as previously mentioned, feeling disgustingly smug for planning and starting the Christmas present thing. This means, that due to the laws of Murphy and my knitting karma, the universe is planning to smite me with Something Nasty for being smug. Hopefully it won't be too bad as it took three full froggings and a major unravel and careful picking up of stitches after one disappeared into the ether, to complete this. I mean, it's a facecloth. It shouldn't be this hard. And here's me plotting a lace scarf for the MIL and mittens for my Mum. Help me.


Fiona said...

You'll get there. With any luck the universe will leave you alone to crack on with your Chrimbo knitting. That's a beautiful facecloth - the stitches are so neat.

Helen said...

Thanks! It's not quite perfect...the teatowel makes a good disguise...hehehehe