Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Poorly sick :-(

I have been slightly floored by a threatening cold. I don't do colds, as a rule, and I'm determined this one ain't hanging around either. However, it has meant a day away from the steaming heap of donkey-poo that is my work at the moment, and has led to an FO (I'm not too poorly to knit. I'd have to be dead to stop knitting.)

Ack! Blogger is broken. No pictures. Sorry. For those on Ravelry, if y'all step on over to my projects (go on, guess my username) - it's the Scrap Wrap, by Natasha Sills, from here. Mine however is rather smaller, not so wide (why?) and is, as yet, unfringed, cos I can't be arsed at the minute. Cute pattern though, we like. I like random knitting like this.

Well, I thought today I'd get shitloads of stuff done, but nope. I knit the wrap, picked some green tomatoes, in the vain hope they might ripen up inside, took a couple of piccies for here and Ravelry, rinsed out some yarn I dyed yesterday and hung it to dry, then lost about three hours reading Rabbitch's blog and gigglesnorting (I love that word) rather a lot.

I'll come back later and see if Blogger has recovered from its fit of the vapours. Can anyone tell me why, when I put pictures in a post, they always appear at the top rather than at the cursor, and I have to drag them, kicking and screaming, into place?

And if you have an explanation as to why I am completely incapable of typing more than three words correctly at a time, I'd love to hear from you.

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