Friday, 19 October 2007

Sorry...been sniffin' the mohair again

I like *totally* forgot to come back to put some pictures in the last post. As I'm currently at work and have no pictures available, I'll have to try and have another go tonight. I am offically crap, I know.

On the up side, I am feeling much restored. Echinacea is my friend. Still a little coughy-sniffly, but nothing I can't deal with. On the down side, work is an even bigger shower of shite, if that is actually possible. I have a boss who is a total control-freak, trying to do my job for me and completely cocking it up. I think this is seagull management -

"Seagull managers fly in, make a lot of noise, shit on everyone, then fly out."

Ken Blanchard, "Leadership and the One Minute Manager"

Yep, that's the one. Wouldn't mind but Da Big Cheesy Boss says "Do X" and the Second-in-Command Slightly-Less-Cheesy-but-Very-Henpecked-and -Put-Upon-by-Big-Boss says "What did you do X for, do Y, X is totally screwing us over" then when apprised of the glorious irony of this situation immediately scuttles off into a corner with a bucket over the head saying "La-la-la I can't hear you."

*sigh* It's no wonder I'm sniffing mohair. It beats drinking bleach and sticking my head in the gas oven...

hehehehe work update: Da Big Cheesy Boss is definitely losing the plot. Doing everyone else's job for them is taking its toll, it would appear. Sympathetic, moi?

Right, onto knitting content. I have realised that the totally cute Curly Whirly Scarf is probably far too, well, pink and fluffy for DH's Grandma. Curses. MIL is visiting on Saturday to offer her learned opinion on the matter. If she deems it to be Too Much, my Mum's getting it. She'll wear it. I have also realised that the Grandad of DH, the FIL and the Uncle of DH, and my very own dear Uncle as well might rather like a knitty present. Oh bugger. I'm going to be working on a bunch of scarves over the next couple of weeks I reckon...

I'm thinking something like Sirdar Click (DK or chunky) as it's cost-effective, machine-washable and has enough wool content to be nice and warm. btw, I'm not tight, but we have a fairly strict Xmas budget in this family, no-one's allowed to go nuts and spend a fortune, so pure cashmere is probably out. One of them would only wash it at 90deg anyway...So now I need a pattern that is non-stretchy, quick and won't bore me to death. I'm actually thinking crochet might be a winner. Strictly masculine patterns only.

I have yet another project otn as well, or should that be oth? I'm working on crocheting myself a shawl. This is because it's cold outside, and is quicker than a sweater. No, I haven't finished the Harlot Scarf yet. Or MIL's scarf, and I haven't even cast on Mum's Mitts from the Pitts of Raging Hell yet (I do, I think, have a pattern though, but it has short rows which I've never done before, so we'll see.)

Well, suppose I'd best be getting back to work. Someone has to keep this ship from foundering. Or at least go sit in the lifeboat waiting for the inevitable...

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