Saturday, 13 October 2007

S.E.X., WIPs and F.O

I just love a bloggy title like that. OK, here's a bit of yarny action to counteract the last post's tide of misery. I've got over that now, it must have been the eau-de-rat that was bringing me down a bit.

Curly Whirly Scarf!!!
Pattern was from here but I (of course) made some tweaks. I seem to be incapable of working to a pattern at the minute! Anyway, I did two rows of trebles, then added a double crochet row in two different novelty yarns to make it more fluffy. (and to bust some stash.) The last row I did 1dc in each treble, but every so often I worked 2dc into the same stitch to make sure I wasn't pulling out the twirl. It's the DH's granny's (Granny-in-law?) Xmas pressie. Another one off the list!!!

This was a really easy crochet project, but quite effective for all its simplicity. If you want a quick-hit project, or you want to learn crochet, give it a go. The idea might be a little old-hat now, but I still think they're cute. Tip for ya though, unless you have a masochistic streak, and enjoy picking trapped threads out of stitches with a 1.5mm crochet hook, DON'T use an eyelash yarn. My eyesight is still recovering.

OK, here's a WIP for you. The inestimable Yarn Harlot's Handspun scarf pattern:

Knitted in James C. Brett's Marble Chunky, which is a 100% acrylic 2-plied chunky, with nice colour changes running through it. Yum.

And now for some gratuitous S.E.X. (I just love to think of people picking up this page through Google or whatever, and expecting something rather different...Hiya! You ought to take up knitting, it's a far better hobby...)

I have a favourite charity shop in town, who often have odds and ends of yarn. I picked up some 4-ply a couple of weeks ago, and having to go into town anyway, I thought I'd go and get the rest. Well, I did, and I also politely enquired if they had any more knitting wool.

They did. An entire Ali Baba basket full of it. W00t!

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