Thursday, 11 October 2007

Twenty Days

In twenty days, I will be thirty years old. I don't feel it, but it is something of a milestone I suppose. It's strange, in some ways I am further ahead than I ever thought I would be at thirty, in other ways I'm so far behind I could cry. I guess that's normal.

Bad day so far today as well, so I am in a sombre frame of mind. Things at work are giving me grief, I won't say too much but suffice to say I'm not happy.

Good things are happening too though. We're going to see Runrig tonight at Wolverhampton, the Christmas knitting / crochet is going well, it's Friday tomorrow and autumn is nearly upon us. I love autumn, time for cosy jumpers and shawls, and rich colours, mists in the morning hanging over the river and fields, and leaves to scuff with my boots when I walk. I may knit a simple autumnal wrap to celebrate. However, I really must finish some other stuff first! My projects list on Ravelry is becoming a tad large - however, I have seen people with MUCH larger lists which makes me feel enormously relieved.

Oh, and by the way, there is a terrible smell of dead rat in our Portakabins at work. One has crawled underneath and died. There have also been mice eating the sugar in the kitchen. Joy.
One lump or two?

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