Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Nothing to see...

well, no exciting knitting stuff anyway. Scarves are progressing, and I have a callous on my finger from my circulars.

So, in the absence of exciting fibre content, I present a little landscape photography instead. These were taken at the lovely Trentham Gardens a few weeks ago, camera is a Fuji S3000.

In other news:


ahem. Sorry about that. I'm quite excited about it.

The other highlight of recent days was spending part of the weekend watching Casino Royale on DVD. I have a confession to make. I love James Bond films. Always have. My favourite was Dr. No - that is, until I saw Casino Royale. I must admit I was a bit unsure about the whole thing. Casino Royale was the only Ian Fleming novel that hadn't been covered by the series (the spoof does not count!!!) and it meant starting again, with a new Bond who I was also a bit unsure of, and the book is really quite dated (Le Chiffre is a Soviet agent etc. etc.) Then I saw some clips, then the trailer. Tickets were booked immediately (I would have gone anyway, it's Bond for God's sake) and you know what? It was great. Fabulous, amazing, funny, dark, fast, thoughtful and new. It's a tribute to the book but brought into the modern world, there's even parkour in it. He's got his Aston back (YES!) even if it wasn't for very long (I nearly cry every time it rolls off the road, a world record for rolls in a car btw) and Daniel Craig? He's perfect. I hope everyone who reckoned he'd be crap are being forced to watch Roger Moore re-runs. Yes he's blond, yes he's only 5' 11", but, well, he is Bond. He's tied with Sean and Timothy Dalton as my all-time favourite...and that's after just one film. I can't wait for the next one, for which filming has started. And the Aston is back, presumably after a major visit to the panelbeaters. Apparently the new film will pick up right where Casino Royale finished.

I know all this is old news, but if there's anyone out there who thinks they don't like Bond movies and hasn't seen Casino Royale - go watch. It's great. Also the theme, by Chris Cornell? Bloody marvellous. Man is a genius.

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