Friday, 11 January 2008

Annus novus

Well, here we go into a New Year. Yes, I know I'm a little behind time. Bite me. I've been busy.

I've just bought a new car. I'm not saying any more until it is sitting on my driveway with the keys and the logbook in my hot, sticky little mitts, just in case I jinx it in some evil and unforeseen way.

The Macgregor jumper is progressing, a little slowly at the moment as I have had a nasty dose of stockinetteboredom, so we're stalled at the raglan shaping for the front. Once that's done its one sleeve to do then the dreaded seaming, for which I will need a large glass of white Grenache and a 500g bar of Dairy Milk. Oh, and possibly my Mum.

I've been in the workshop, working on the Super-Secret Project, i.e. stuff for Etsy. No pics yet, unfired clay is rather uninspiring in appearance and I don't want to put y'all off before I've even begun. I'm keen not to use the blog as a rampant advertising tool, but I'll probably be all excited and want to show you pictures and things before I list them. I've lots of other ideas too, but some of them require a sewing machine which I am sadly lacking at the moment, unless I can avail myself of my Granny's Singer.

What else has been happening? I've cast on for a lapghan, on 4mm needles. Ahem. I think it's a reaction to the jumper which is on 8mm pins. I'm also getting this urge to knit tiny things. No, not those sort of little things. Honestly. Like the Harlot's little leaves, or those tiny jumpers everyone was on about for Xmas decorations. Weird. I also desperately want to knit a sweater in sock yarn. I think I have had some sort of terrible allergic reaction to big needles.

Anything else? (my 31st year seems to be the one where the Senior Moments are starting to kick in big time.) Oh yes.

I also had a lovely letter from the Mission to Seafarers, acknowledging receipt of the hats and scarves I sent them. Bless, it quite made my day that they go to the trouble of writing and thanking you, just for a few woollies. So if there are any Mission people out there, thank you. I had the warm fuzzies for the rest of the evening, and once I've finished the *!^@$*£$%! sweater I'll see if I can knock out some more goodies.

I think that's all for now. I'll try ans post up some progress pics soon, but if you're, like, desperate for an update, firstly get a life, and secondly, my Ravelry is up-to-date. (One thing I have managed to achieve!)

Oh, and there's no proper New Year resolutions here. I can't be arsed with resolutions as a general rule, but they do seem awfully popular in blogland, so here's a token gesture. I'll try and blog more and expand the readership a bit, hows about that?

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