Saturday, 29 December 2007

catching my breath

Well, that was Christmas 2007. Here's the highlights.

Tree put up and decorated by me, all the presents wrapped by me (including my own...)

Yes, that is a Dalek and a fluffy chick on top of the telly. Don't ask.

Good bit: pressie opening:

Want to see what I got?

Oh yes. Thanks J! heh heh heh *mmmmwwwwaaah*

Dinner prepared for friends:

a culinary moment:

That's Salad Blue and Highland Burgundy potatoes. Cool aren't they? You should try them, they taste lovely.

Happy recipients!

They fit. And she likes them. My relief was quite obvious.

I think Grandad-in-law liked his scarf too:

and Granny loved the blanket. It might not look like it, but she does. Don't tell her I posted her photo here will you? Apart from the fact it's not her most flattering shot ever, she is still convinced the World Wide Web has something to do with spiders. Well, she is 92. When she was little they didn't even have a telephone at home. Excuse my Dad's jeans please.

So, apart from all this frivolity, how was it really?

[deep breath] Well, Granny-in-law has the galloping crud, a dear friend is still recovering from a stroke, FIL has got vertigo again, and Granny's central heating has packed up and the insurance people haven't got their lazy arses into gear to fix it, so she's had no heat for two weeks apart from the log fire and electric heaters. Lucky I made her a blanket really. She's spent half the time in bed getting corns on her behind. Oh, our Xmas tree lights have decided to give up the ghost, the DH's car is somewhat deficient in the headlight department and our tame mechanic, the lovely Tony, has been laid up with a nasty dose of crud as well. I had to shell out £230 car insurance, and sometime very soon (well, as soon as I have figured out how to warp the space-time continuum) I have to go buy a new car as my finance agreement is up. In the middle of all this was the grandparents-in-law's Diamond Wedding anniversary - 60 years. Good grief. What a terrifying prospect that is.

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