Saturday, 26 January 2008

Four seasons in one day

Quickie post, chicken in the oven!

Well, we didn't get flooded, (bloody unlikely where we are in all honesty, if we flood, most of Staffs is gone)though it was a bit of a close thing at work...We've just had howling gales for the last three days and have had to listen to the wind whistling noisily round the eaves all night. Grrr.

Anyway, I took the Autumn Garter Stitch shawl over to the parents for a modelling session today (I didn't think it was fair to ask the poor DH to model for me, he has manflu and is feeling delicate.)

Mum has adopted it. You know when someone looks right with something? Well, this was one of those situations. So I graciously gifted it.

There may be gratuitous cute cat pictures later / tomorrow. Stay tuned!!!

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