Friday, 18 January 2008

Sweet Madness

Well, I thought I’d go over a few WIPs, partly for your entertainment and partly to help my poor brain keep track of it all.

Firstly there is the garter stitch shawl, of which we have already spoken. Hopefully, this is now on the home straight, barring any other brainfarts causing yarn disasters. You just know that it's all going to go pearshaped now, don't you??

Macgregor Jumper
From RYC Classic Winter, in RYC Soft Tweed. One back, one sleeve, ¾ of a front completed. I’m finding it a bit hard going, not because of the pattern, but because it’s on 8mm needles which, with my small hands, is like knitting with those chubby pencils you had as a kid. The yarn’s lovely though, but not very tweedy. More of a subtle fleckiness. (Hey! Did I just make up a new word?) I have, of course, tweaked the pattern, replacing the ribbed hems with garter.

The Mad Knitted Blankie ™
This is ongoing. I need to finish sewing the backing on (aargh! sewing!) and then stitch through the layers in a quilty fashion (aargh! sewing!) to secure. Then it needs an edging of some kind. I was going to crochet it (gulp) but I’m now thinking that a broad bias binding edge would be better (even though it is more aargh! sewing) Are you seeing the problem here?

Sweetpea Shawl
From SnB The Happy Hooker. I love love love the pattern, but hate hate hate the way the yarn is going. For some totally unfathomable reason, I used Sirdar Spree. I know, I need help – it was on sale, that’s my defence. So this is going to be frogged, and I’ll probably use the Spree for dishcloths or something. It’s quite a nice yarn, just not for this project.

Random Wrap
Well now. I just don’t know where this one is going. It’s knitted from a yarnball made up of lots of short lengths of random stash balls that came from eBay or from Mum, with no ballbands. I totally made it up as I went along, working on separate pieces with the idea of sewing them together afterwards – sometimes this approach works well…other times, not so good. I think it’s due a frogging, which will result in the biggest yarnball in history. I think I’ll then knit a very random EZ triangular shawl with it. Maybe.

The Chevron and Mosaic Lapghan Thingy
Cast on because I Needed To Work On Small Needles Right Now (anti-Macgregor response) and I Have All This Colinette Cadenza And Freedom Spirit And Matchmaker And It Is Calling To Me. The plan is to knit up pieces then seam. Pretty colours. We like. The stitch patterns are from an old knitting book which I picked up in a charity shop. Love you, charity shops! Only problem is now I want Barbara Walker’s Mosaic Knitting book. And as I spent all my knitting-money-allocation on yarn, that’s not going to be happening just yet…

Finally there is the Crochet Coat...which may or may not be a total disaster. I'm making it up as I go along (cue Monty Python voice) and I'm not entirely sure what it's going to turn out like. But hey. I'm Fearless Knitting (and Crocheting) this year.

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