Wednesday, 16 January 2008

See it stretch on for ever

Just don't ask how I do this. I have a devastating ability to totally mess up the simplest of knitting.

Note the stitch holders. Basically I noticed Something Was Amiss. Much dropping of stitches and crochet hooking and unladylike language still looked like total ass.

So a frogging was in order...

Aaaah. That's better.

Yes, I cocked up a garter stitch shawl. Blame it on watching the darts final whilst knitting.

In other news - the wool house is back with a vengeance: (yes that is the iron on the floor. You wanna make something of it?)

Note the knitting on the table. And yes, I know my lamp has no shade. Shades block the light, 'kay?

This is all in addition to the stash...(not including the goodies under the bed)

Hmmmm. Not enough.

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Rachel H said...

I see nothing wrong with the iron on the floor. At least you have evidence yours gets used. Can't say the same at my house.

I just popped over from the Yarn Harlot's comments to say Hi (yes, some of us do go back and read all of 'em. Surprisingly addictive habit really) and scrolled down to your last post as well, about the post holiday exercise goals. Have you thought about getting a pedometer? The idea is to set yourself a goal of 10,000 steps per day, and wearing one of these little things is surprisingly motivating. Especially on days it shows you how much of a slug you've actually been. (ask me how I know)

A few of us at my LYS were wearing them for a while last year and keeping each other going. It was fun and definitely helped keep the focus on moving. I've just bought myself a new one so I can start the practice up again.

Rachel H