Monday, 7 July 2008

I'm still alive...barely...


Just so y’all know I am still alive, I’m just somewhat internet-challenged at the moment. BT seem incapable of enabling my line for ADSL (apparently it’s shared) and Tiscali are just going round in circles bibbling their bottom lips and going “Well, it should be working.” I has a stress. Stealth-blogging from work here…ssshhh :-)

Here’s a very quick update on the last month:

Moved into cottage. Gorgeous view. Fridge and washer arrived safely. Central heating is solid fuel run off a big scary range cooker. Timber available for free from estate but need to fetch and saw up first. Bought axe and bowsaw. Nothing else works and roof leaks. No phone, no broadband, no curtain poles (for crying out loud, wtf???) Job is a mess. Digital camera still not arrived from No bed for a fortnight but did drop on a nice sideboard for a tenner and some big shelves for £12. Bed finally arrived. Sockets in kitchen don’t work = extension lead trailed across so I can work washing machine. Phone started working (fourth attempt, BT should all be shot) still no internet. Laminate started lifting in hall. Managed to put up curtain poles and curtains. Have garden table and chairs from Tesco in dining room, and cheapy chairs from Au Naturale in living room. Good for a while but now giving me bad back. Cancelled order for camera with Play, eventually (a month after ordering) got £100 back. Ordered one from Amazon, arrived next day. Still no internet. Job still a mess, but now getting boring. Sockets finally fixed. TV reception is pants, so Sky Freesat ordered and installed. Bought new TV and PC desk. Cooker packed up (less than a month old) no microwave. Living on cheese toasties and soup heated up on range. Major water leak under bathroom sink, neighbour called in at 10 o’clock at night to turn water off (stopcock seized solid.) Plumber came out and fixed leak. Still no cooker. Lights in shed on the fritz so can’t saw wood for range unless it’s sunny so I can see what I’m doing. Big piece of guttering missing off front of house. It rains a lot. Landlord lent me a microwave. Now living on ready-meals and feeling crappy. Job now suicidally dull.

Any regrets?

Actually, no. :-) I look out of the window and realize that this is it. I’m finally doing what I have wanted to do for ten years. I have space to paint and knit (and lots of time - no internet = no Ravelry = more time to actually do stuff) and yes, there are some serious trials and tribulations but I’ll get there. Eventually. I could just really do with a working cooker…

Oh and BT? Can I have my internets now?

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no-blog-rachel said...

Yikes! Sounds stressful but you seem to be dealing with it pretty well. I hope it all smooths out for you soon.