Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Patience is a virtue…

Or so I’m told. Well, quick update. Firstly am still alive, or at least I haven’t stopped moving yet. Cooker still fried, hopefully will be fixed this week then I can EAT PROPER FOOD AGAIN THANK YOU GODDESS. I may never be able to look at a cheese toastie the same way again.

Broadband. Well now. Firstly can I suggest that any of you thinking of swapping provider or starting a new broadband deal etc etc go to where you’ll find people’s experiences and ratings of ISPs.

Next, do not, under any circumstances, take out a contract with that Italian ISP that sounds a bit like Titwally. Doesn’t matter if they offer you a dozen nymphomaniac dancing girls or George Clooney nekkid and coated in chocolate. Doesn’t even matter if they offer you free yarn. DO NOT TOUCH. After a month I still have no internet connection, and absolutely no sense from Technical Support (their script didn’t cover my problem, so I was asked the same mindless questions about fourteen thousand times “Have you checked the filters?”) so I have thrown an almighty strop and cancelled the agreement. Only way I managed to get out of it was the fact that I had had no connection whatsoever from day one. Their customer services department managed to achieve the impossible by being even worse than BT. Amazing. I’ll not bore you with the details. It is however worthy to note that this was one of my finer strops. I’m quite proud of it. I have a MAC code (within half an hour of request! The only efficient part of Titwally’s service it would appear is cancelling agreements...hmmm wonder why that is) and have already signed up elsewhere. I’m not saying any more until its working as I don’t want to jinx it. Suffice to say I have a huge amount of confidence that the new lot will at least try to sort any issues, and can speak English coherently.

In other news.

I have a permanent job offer in Glasgow!!! W00t! Just waiting for start date to be confirmed.
I’ve just got back form a week on Skye, and I Have Yarn to show you. Veritable yarnp0rn indeed. Only prob is that as I am tinterwebbally-challenged, you’ll have to wait for the pictures. All I’m saying is...

Handspun Wensleydale
Handspun cashmere


I’ve finished a project! But no pictures *grin* and I can’t get on Ravelry even to put details on there. So again, patience young grasshoppers. We’ll get there. Eventually. Just think of all the yarny pictures, holiday snaps and pictures of my house you’ll get.

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