Friday, 8 August 2008

I'm back!!!

Yes! We are online!

It took a day off work (in my first week, ffs, fortunately my boss is very nice, and also in Saudi Arabia right now, so he didn't mind at all) and a visit from BT, but I AM ONLINE!!!!!!!

Thank the Goddess for that. Right. I'm only getting 500-600Kbps, but as my line from the exchange is 7.7km long, that's actually pretty darned good. Thankyou Fast, my ISP, I love you all. Even better, my lovely new employers have given me a laptop, which once I'm set up with iPass to get onto their VPN, means I can work from home on occasion. Joy is mine.

OK, I think I promised you all pictures. I'm busily updating Flickr just now with holiday snaps and stuff for Ravelry but I've a few for you just now.

This is my house!

It's not actually pink, it's white, but my new camera and I are still getting to know one another.

This is my view out of the front:

And here we have yarn, purchased on Skye:

I'll tell you more about all that next post, I must really go and do some ironing...

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