Sunday, 10 August 2008

Still got the blues...

well, the British Blues that is. Just chillin' with a little Snowy White on the stereo ("Midnight Blues" - teh best song EVAH imho, though "Snow Blues" is running a close second right now.) I've discovered a new passion as well, Simmers Abernethy biscuits. Nom nom nom. There's a packet sitting here now and I am going to have to go and put it away before I nom the lot. I thought I'd catch up a little with some more pictures and show you what I'd been up to. Firstly, the new stash management system!

Oh good. There's still some room for some more - a very good thing as its the I Knit London show in a few weeks :-)

I also sorted all my yarny and patchworky books into one place:

Loads of room there too. Excellent. I've even pinned up my shade cards and put up some appropriate pictures, but they need to move into the Yarn Room now (I haz a Yarn Room!!! heh heh)click for bigness if you want

These posters came from the Wool Marketing Board, should you happen to want them. They're rather cute. I'm sure Dolores is on there somewhere. Have a look at the prices of fleeces though on the website. Its heartbreakingly low. The shepherd on the farm where I live was saying that the price they get for their fleeces doesn't even pay for the shearing. At some point I'm going to have a chat to the estate directors about the possibilities of raising rare breed sheep on the estate. There's plenty of decent grazing to be had. Maybe even alpacas? *thinks*

Anyhoo. What else. I've been gardening, until I got chased in by the ants that lurk under the front patio. Cursed little buggers. On the horticultural front, I've planted out a cabbage tree, Cordyline australis and a hardy Fuchsia "Riccartonii" both of which should do well in this semi-maritime sort of climate. I always wanted a cabbage tree. I'm also growing lettuces, some Cos-type and some cut-and-come-again Lollo Rosso-type things. I've just sown Pak Choi and Romanesco cauliflower as well, its a little bit late but fingers crossed, I should maybe get some baby veg off them.

I wanted to talk to you about bugs. I seem to have an inordinate quantity of little six- and eight-legged visitors. I guess this is the price you pay for living in the countryside :-( it likes to come inside and get up close and personal. I get big shiny black weather-beetles, moths, woodlice (some of them are ENORMOUS, like trilobites) earwigs, spiders and weird springtaily jumping things with long antennae. I also found a slug in the bathroom sink twice now. tbh, I'm getting totally used to it. The weather-beetles get chucked outside if they're in the way. One had to go out because it was that big I could hear it scuttling around on the dining room laminate floor and it was distracting me from my crochet.

Yes, I did say moths. I know. Don't worry, not one has escaped me yet. I'm normally a live-and-let-live kinda gal, but moths? In this house? No way. I turn into a mad flailing killing machine until I am satisfied that the little interloper has been thoroughly squished.

I must admit, I kill the springtaily things, because I'm not sure what they are and they might eat wool or something, and I exterminate the earwigs as well, purely because they totally squick me out. I HATE earwigs. Its the pincers I think. Ick ick ick.

Finally, other than chasing bugs, building shelves and gardening, have I actually been doing anything interesting (i.e. yarn-related)?


Did you expect any less? :-)

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